All Features

All features explained in details.

Student Profiler

Check information of any student from any department and classroom of your institute. You will get all the details of that particular student like basic information, attendance, results.


Staff Profiler

Check information of any teacher of your institute, no matter whichever department he/she belongs to.


Create assignments. Accept or reject submissions with marks and remarks.



Upload files in your classroom and all the students which will able to see it. Materials uploaded are fulled secured.


Principal, HOD, Class Teacher creates notice. Delivered via notification, email and SMS. Classroom targeted.



Subject wise result with detailed graphs and deep analysis.

Staff Feedback

Anonymous Feedback system for staff which more genuine and exact results given by students.


Batches Wise Support

Batches wise support in which you can allocate batches to students ffor practicals. You can see list of studnets batchwise.

Monitor Departments / Classrooms

Principal and HOD can easily monitor all the departments and clasrooms resp. of their institute.


Apps for all

In addition to Some1 app, we have developed other apps specifically for Principals and Parents.